On the Move


DC Metro Red Line train at Metro Center

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Back in the Saddle

Sorry for the lack of posts. Life happened, but I’m back now.


Memorial to General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing, Commander of the US Expeditionary Force in WW II.

People often seem to assume that his nickname, Black Jack, came from the card game of the same name. In fact it was given to him as a junior officer when he was assigned to an all black regiment of cavalry. He served there as a commander for many years and had a tremendous bond of loyalty with his soldiers. Because of this association with black troops he was given his moniker by his fellow white officers.

When Teddy Rosevelt and his “Rough Riders” charged up San Juan Hill, a black company from the 10th US Cavalry was right next to them. It was led by Black Jack Pershing.

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Country Church

This country church is near my home. I was late for work so I passed it just as the sun was rising. I just had to stop and take a picture,

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Penn Ave


Pennsylvania Avenue runs straight from the Capital to the White House – or at least it used to. Legend has it that Andrew Jackson so hated looking out his window and seeing the House of Congress that he had the Treasury Department building (behind me in this shot) built in between so he couldn’t see it any longer.

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Union Station

Sorry for the break in the posts – had somewhat of an insane weekend.


This is the main hall of Washington Union Station. I am told that when it was built it was the largest train statin in the world. I find it magnificent.

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Beating the Heat

My kids sharing a seat on my car eating frozen fruit bars.

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The Watcher


The relative age of the buildings in this part of DC can generally be determined by how ornate or detailed their stonework is. Even though architects go to great lengths to mimic the style of surrounding structures, rarely do they have the same level of artisanship as their predecessors. I work in one of the older buildings in the area and each window on the first floor is surmounted by a face like this. They alternate, male and female, and they are all slightly different.

I often wonder who they represent.

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Grande Damme


The Willard InterContinental Washington

I saw on the Travel Chanel that this beautiful hotel on Pennsylvania Ave has one of the five most expensive hotel suites in the world. I have ever since wondered, when I look at the building, “Which one is it?”

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Every Friday there is a farmers’ market next to the headquarters of the US Department of Agriculture just off the Mall in DC. it’s not very big, but vendors bring produce and other food from all around the area and sell at reasonable prices. It is a good place to eat lunch on a summer afternoon.

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