Country Church

This country church is near my home. I was late for work so I passed it just as the sun was rising. I just had to stop and take a picture,

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Union Station

Sorry for the break in the posts – had somewhat of an insane weekend.


This is the main hall of Washington Union Station. I am told that when it was built it was the largest train statin in the world. I find it magnificent.

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The Watcher


The relative age of the buildings in this part of DC can generally be determined by how ornate or detailed their stonework is. Even though architects go to great lengths to mimic the style of surrounding structures, rarely do they have the same level of artisanship as their predecessors. I work in one of the older buildings in the area and each window on the first floor is surmounted by a face like this. They alternate, male and female, and they are all slightly different.

I often wonder who they represent.

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Grande Damme


The Willard InterContinental Washington

I saw on the Travel Chanel that this beautiful hotel on Pennsylvania Ave has one of the five most expensive hotel suites in the world. I have ever since wondered, when I look at the building, “Which one is it?”

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Tear Down This Wall!

“This wall will fall. Beliefs become reality.”
– Anonymous:
painted on the Berlin wall near the Brandenburg Gate


Kim left a kind comment concerning my sidebar text yesterday – asking if I wrote poetry. As genuinely flattered as I am by the question, I have never thought of myself as a poet. My attempts at verse are usually more limerick than lay.

When I decided to do this blog I wanted it to be about more than simply the structures and sights within the limits of the federal city. I wanted to show life in DC – from one man’s perspective – in a broader context. I sought to express that through couplets of contrasting elements. As I did so, I began to “feel the metre” – for lack of a better term – in my words and finished it off in a way that seemed to fit. Call it serendipity.

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555 12th st NW


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Early Morning Commando


Assault on window grime in the somewhat less searing heat of the early morning.

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