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Freedom Plaza appears at first to be an open area paved with a strange selection of odd sized marble blocks. Some of them apear at first to have been vandalized by someone scratching words into them.

But if you take the time to walk around the plaza and pay attention to the pattern and the etching a picture begins to form. It is not random at all. It is, in fact, a map. Or rather a plan.

The plaza is a large scale rendering of the plan drawn by Major Charles L’Enfant for the design of the new federal city. It is oriented and positioned so that the spot where I took this photo is the “You Are Here” spot. The white strip pointing toward the Capital Building – down Pennsylvania Avenue – represents… well, Pennsylvania Avenue. You can even make out the faded street designation on the pavement.

The plaza is just one of the many details of the city that even its residents look at and pass by every day without even knowing it is there. These are the things that fascinate me.

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  1. That’s really cool. Just use that plaze to find your way around town. Great picture too. From the spot where you took the pic looking straight down that white stripe towards the capitol, all the stripes do make sense. Or, at least after your description they did.

  2. Ooooh! (I will now attempt HTML…) Looky!

  3. YAY! It worked.

    We are SOOO neighbors, oh Oddly Mixed One.

  4. Welcome to the Daily Photo family – and great start – I particularly like the window washers!

  5. Oh, this is so neat-o! Thanks for doing this.

  6. Great photos! welcome to the daily photo group.

  7. OM,
    Do you know of a plaza where there is a map of the world? I took a photo of a little Asian boy standing in the middle of it…back in 1995. Now I have to find it and scan it and show you.

  8. map

    Dcalongtheway has blogged about washington map.

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